Dr Sara is known as a millennial thought leader who sees opportunity where others see a crisis. She is a multi-skilled qualified medical Doctor; working in an administrative branch of Occupational Medicine and committed to coaching Singles. 


She began mentoring at the age of sixteen and was inspired to start a peer mentoring scheme.  From that moment she accepted her calling to teaching, mentoring and empowerment. 


Dr Sara is determined to see individuals enjoy their Singlehood by increasing their proactivity.  She has been a refreshing voice across social media and radio. Skilfully presenting and facilitating workshops/seminars across the globe on love, singleness, sexual integrity and dating; her sessions positively impact participants. She delivers with passion, honesty and humour. 


There is a global Singlehood season problem and Dr Sara is willing to help this generation to do something about it. 

‘My own personal experience of singleness at times was not a pleasant one, I knew I could enjoy not just endure this season.  God gave me the strategy for the ‘Adam meet Eve’ coaching agency. This lifted me immediately because I felt a wave of reassurance that I did not have to accept life long singleness or chronic frustration’.


Sara Jayne got married to her handsome prince Kwame Ofori in March 2022. She feels her love story took her by surprise!  But her experience has reaffirmed that God is a planner and always has our best interest at heart.